Au.diLux - Perforated Fibre Cement

Tough, Versatile and Acoustically Outstanding

High performance, sound control, excellent durability… all at an economical price.  Au.diLux is ideal for a broad scope of applications from pool environments to high-end offices. Available in standard and custom sizes and perforation patterns.

Au.diLux is a round hole perforated fibre cement acoustic panel that can be prefinished or delivered in raw state for site painting.

Case Study

project: Casey Race Aquatic Centre, Berwick-Cranbourne Road, Cranbourne

architect: Cox Architects

builder: Hansen Yunken

product: Atkar 6mm Au.diLux AL250S/70 fibre cement acoustic panels

situation: An acoustic solution was required for the often noisy environment of a suburban pool, in particular above wading pools, spa and sauna areas.

solution: Au.diLux ceiling panels combined with Atkar’s Integrated Acoustic Backing were used to substantially cut down reverberation. Fibre cement was the ideal product to withstand the hostile mix of humidity and chlorine over an extended period of time. Au.diLux allowed the architects to specify specific sizes as well as complex curves for a perfectly integrated result. Panels were supplied raw and painted on site.

Product Features

  • Unaffected by steam, moisture, sunlight or vermin
  • Excellent water resistant properties
  • Ideal in harsh environments
  • Variety of jointing options
  • Suitable for curved surfaces
  • Manufactured in Canada


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