Au.diStyle - Solid Decorative Panel

A Flawless Finish

Au.diStyle solid decorative panels deliver a striking result for flat or curved surfaces in quality interiors. Can be conceal fixed to walls and ceilings for a sleek, flawless look. Available in a myriad of finish combinations, for complete customisation.


Case Study

project: Kardinia International College, Katsumata Centre, Kardinia Drive, Bell Post Hill, Geelong, Victoria, Austraila

architect: James Deans & Associates

builder: Lyons Constructions

product: 12mm Au.diSlot AS26-25/80 acoustic ceiling panels with Au.diImage American Walnut finish and Au.diMount CX4 concealed fixing system. 16mm Au.diStyle decorative wall panels with Au.diImage Burnt Cherry and American Walnut finish and Au.diMount XJ1 concealed fixing system.

situation: A state-of-the-art gymnasium and auditorium at a secondary college.

solution: Atkar’s Au.diSlot panels were an ideal solution for this complex and decorative ceiling, designed to minimize the high reverberation inherent in sporting and auditorium facilities. James Deans & Associates’ angled ceiling design – comprising both slotted and non-slotted panels – is neatly integrated into Au.diStyle wall panels used to achieve the dynamic, irregular pattern of the interior design scheme. Atkar’s proprietary Au.diMount concealed fixing systems deliver a surface that is obstruction free but which allows for easy removal of individual panels for the life of the building.

Another Atkar solution that exceeds expectations.  

Product Features

  • Available in up to 3600 x 1200mm panels - dependent on finish type
  • Custom panels available
  • Available in any thickness from 2.5mm to 25mm
  • Available in curvable panels for radii as small as 50mm
  • Concealed fixing options
  • Comprehensive range of finishes
  • Panels can be edged seamlessly
  • Double sided panels available
  • Manufactured in Canada


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