Au.diVent - Slotted Fibre Cement

Attractive, Super Durable, Slotted Fibre Cement

Versatile, fibre cement panels suitable for installation as acoustic or ventilation panels in everything from industrial to high-end projects.

A tough, versatile and flexible product, Au.diVent is a specifier favourite for wet area applications, eaves and soffits or wherever a highly resistant and long lasting product is required. Used with great success in swimming pools, schools, community spaces and retail centres.

Choose standard or custom perforation patterns and panel sizes. Au.diVent can be supplied painted or raw.

Product Features

  • Unaffected by steam, moisture, sunlight or vermin
  • Excellent water resistant properties
  • Ideal for harsh environments
  • Variety of jointing options
  • Suitable for curved surfaces
  • Manufactured in Canada


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