Au.diGroove - Continuous Wood Acoustic Panels or Planks System

High Performance Sound Control

Sleek, sophisticated looks. Smooth, seamless jointing on flat or curved surfaces.  Au.diGroove is the ultimate solution for those seeking premium acoustic control and aesthetics.


Or use it simply for its clean, contemporary appeal. Au.diGroove is available in wood veneered, laminated or painted finishes.

Case Study

project: LaTrobe University, Circular Lecture Theatre, Bendigo Victoria

architect: Streames & Associates Architects

builder: Morey & Hurford

product:  Au.diGroove AG10 – 280 and AG19 – 316 with Au.diImage Euro Beech finish

situation: Refurbishment of an ageing lecture theatre with poor acoustics. The architect desired a result that only Atkar Au.diGroove could deliver via its warm wood finish and seamless design. Excellent acoustic outcomes were also critical within tight budget constraints.

solution: Atkar supplied the product within the time frame, installation was efficient and the acoustics have been vastly improved. Both client and architect are delighted with the result.

Product Features

  • Best possible combination of acoustics & aesthetics
  • Seamless jointing with tongue and groove design
  • Wide variety of surface finishes available - Au.dilmage, natural wood veneers, painted finishes, raw MDF and laminates
  • Range of acoustic performance options
  • Various profiles for maximum design and acoustic flexibility
  • Easy to handle, transport, store and install
  • Short acquisition lead times
  • Demountable, reusable
  • Manufactured in Canada