Atkar Au.diSelect decorative panel system installations

Acoustic Panel Solutions for Hospitals

Atkar's decorative acoustic panel systems have been installed as an aesthetically pleasing solution to control acoustic reverberation issues in many hospitals - including some highly sensitive environments.

Au.diSlot was installed in the ceiling of a Hospital Intensive Care Unit. Atkar worked closely with the Architects to design a specialised sealed acoustic system that provided optimum acoustic control without allowing any airborne contaminants into this highly sterile space. Likewise our panels were approved for installation throughout the Hospital redevelopment.

Whether for acoustic control, plenum access or an enhanced environment, Atkar has a range of products suitable for almost any hospital environment. From waiting rooms and consulting suites to surgical theatres and impact resistant or wet area applications, our Au.diSelect engineered panel solutions are designed to perform.

Acoustic Panel Systems for Wet Area Applications

Wet area applications such as swimming pools or spa areas are extremely hostile environments with very few products being able to withstand the lethal mix of moisture, humidity and chlorine over any length of time.

Over the last 20 years Atkar has been involved in many such projects and have developed products that have proven to stand the test of time in these applications. From specialist marine plywood systems to robust fibre cement panels Atkar has products to suit almost any aesthetic or functional requirement.

Decorative Acoustic Panels for Schools

Atkar offers a range of decorative acoustic panels to suit almost any application or budget. This includes education projects where acoustics is always an issue but where robust, reliable products are called for to stand the test of time in these often rigorous environments. Being a proven performer in this application, Atkar's panel systems are an integral component of the design at many schools and universities.

Atkar's products range from highly finished wall or ceiling systems for lecture theatres or auditoriums, to more durable economical alternatives for classrooms, gymnasiums and multipurpose areas. All products can be concealed fixed, to provide a smooth, seamless finish with no unwelcome protrusions.